This project is aiming to create a new way to make music – using hand gestures.

Week of June 3rd

App 0.1 version completed

Plan for weekend

Week of May 27th

Code structure & UI settled down

Plan for next week

Week of May 20th

UI and structure design

Hand gesture recognition

Method of detecting hand gesture
Method of classifying hand gesture

Method of triggering the sound

Week of May 13th

UI and structure design

capture capture1 capture2 capture3

Method of detecting hand gesture

Plan for next week

  1. Implement the basic UI structure and Activities structrue for our app.
  2. Continue to investigate the hand gesture detection and begin to implement it with OpenCV functions and develop necessary codes.
  3. Test the audio sounds that we would like to add to our app, and try to build the software structure for this part before applying the actual hand gesture detection function.

First Presentation on May 10th


Project details


response from the judges